*About us

Our story, which is, also, the story of the ArtDent laboratory, albeit simple, is a rather eventful one.
We begun working in 1990, in Oradea, both of us being dental technicians and carrying on a family tradition. For most people of Oradea, we’ve got to be Cipri and Giani, followers of the concept of modern dental technique.

In short time, we started building and developing a young team of people, who understood and shared our principles.

We can proudly affirm that today the entire team of ArtDent is known and appreciated for the fine quality work, as well as for the sense of responsibility and the seriousness we give our customers and collaborators.

*We are always keen to keep pace with everything new in the field, in order to meet your demands, and ever ready to take new challenges!
That’s WHO we are, but together with you, we become ARTDENT.