Over the past years, the technology used in producing dental appliances and restorations allows artistic manufacturing, which leaves the dental technician the liberty to create new external, physiognomic structures of the teeth.
When it comes to the inner structure of dental prostheses, the up-to-the-date technology allows high precision manufacturing, within a margin of microns, with the aid of CAD/CAM technique.

Being fully aware of the importance the proper equipment has in a dental laboratory, we were the first to introduce in Bihor, in 1997, the technique of metal induction, and, in a short period of time, we set up a line of manufacturing elastic prostheses. We further bought last generation ceramic kilns, altogether with a complete cast and mould management line, an Artex articulated face bow, and other appliances.
At the end of 2010 we acquired a full CAD/CAM system which offers our clients the advantages of digital manufacturing of dental structures. We also offer services of milling zirconium structures to other dental laboratories.

We are working on implementing, until the end of this year, an in the house CAD/CAM system, that all our customers and collaborators can benefit from.
Among our equipment suppliers are: Amann Girrbach, Ivoclar, Ugin, Renfert, W&H, NSK, Zubler.