*Tips for patients

We wish here to draw attention upon some important aspects regarding the dental appliances and services on the Romanian market. Such appliances and services give patients back the mastication, as well as the aesthetics of the face, which characterize our own personality, represents us in society, and, last but not least, maintains our health, protecting the digestive apparatus. We believe that everyone deserves a true smile, a denture made with responsibility and aesthetic feel. That’s why we would like you to take into account some advice:
if you decided to get your denture repaired, and not for the holidays only, avoid compromise of any kind, when arguable quality appliances are provided;
ask the dentist – dental technician team to provide you with the details of the repair plan, as well as to see an already finished similar product, if available;
do not choose a certain category of dental services only on a price basis; go for upper-end quality services and ask for a discount or an instalments payment method;
if you wish your denture should be a certain shape, colour, or should you wish certain details done in a particular manner, make sure to communicate them to the dentist – technician team before they begin making it;
do not underestimate the importance of the laboratory, when you need to check on the spot the colour of the remaining teeth, since the technician is the one who mixes the compounds in order to make a copy as similar as possible to the natural teeth;
take particular care to the samplings, since they are directly responsible for the integrity, duration of life and comfort of your restoration;
taking the due periodic visits to the dentist, in order to verify and adjust the restoration, is a guarantee of its durability and correct functioning;
comply with the conditions and rules of use and hygiene issued once with the guarantee certificate.